the Degree Confluence Project

Antarctica : Longitude 90 East to 179 East

890.0 km (552.7 miles) NNW of McMurdo Station, Longitude 90 East to 179 East, Antarctica
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 70°N 10°W

Accuracy: 75 m (246 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: confluence point #3: view to the east #4: view to the north #5: GPS reading at the confluence

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  70°S 170°E  

#1: view to the west

(visited by Ana Sirovic)

02-Apr-2004 -- We visited the 70°S 170°E confluence point on 2 April, 2004 at 17:56 local time (04:56 GMT) aboard the US Antarctic Program’s vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer. This was the location of our last CTD station, out of 232 that were performed during an oceanography cruise that left McMurdo Station (Antarctica) on 23 Feb and returned to Lyttleton (New Zealand) on 9 Apr.

People on board were (in alphabetic order): Aaron, Bienvenido; Ambrocio, Ruel; Blackman, Sheldon; Bliss, Kevin; Brooksforce, Kathryn; Budillon, Giorgio; Carpio, Ronnie; Constantine, Emily; Coward, Annie; Delacruz, Fredor; Doren, Jesse; Dunaway, Lori; Dunaway, Scott; Forbes, Edward; Glasgow, Debra; Hague, Eric; Hart, Brendan; Hodgins, Mary; Huber, Bruce; Huckins, Paul; Keown, Jody; Knuth, Margaret; Lipscomb, Bill; Martwick, Fred; Mele, Philip; Monje, Alejandra; Morales, Luis; Morris, Robert; Munroe, David; Nestor, Silverio; Newyear, Karl; O’Hara, Suzanne; Orsi, Alejandro; Otten, Jeff; Pagdanganan, Ogie; Pagtalunan, Rachelle; Paschini, Elio; Plaza, Danny; Potter, Robert; Rab Green, Suzanne; Range, Brad; Rogando, Rolly; Sandoval, Lorenzo; Simpkins, John; Sirovic, Ana; Spillane, Josh; Stone, Erin; Tamayo, Ric; Thiele, Deborah; Thurnherr, Andreas; Tompsett, Gerald; Verret, Robert; Villanueva, Sam; Visbeck, Martin; Watson, Mike (Capt)

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#1: view to the west
#2: confluence point
#3: view to the east
#4: view to the north
#5: GPS reading at the confluence
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