the Degree Confluence Project


9.4 km (5.8 miles) ENE of Woweta Village, Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo, Guyana
Approx. altitude: 120 m (393 ft)
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Antipode: 4°S 121°E

Accuracy: 7.0 km (4.4 mi)
Quality: good

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#2: Rockview Lodge from nearby hill #3: Rockview lodgings #4: Mealtime at Rockview Lodge #5: The rats are bigger than the cats in Guyana #6: Surama Village Guesthouse

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  4°N 59°W (visit #1) (incomplete) 

#1: Confluence from the air (in upper-right corner)

(visited by Brian Smith and Laurel Smith)

16-Feb-2004 -- I hesitate to even call this trip an "attempt" because we didn't get very close to the confluence but I wanted to post the information that I learned in hopes of enabling some future explorer to successfully reach it.

Northern Guyana is covered with thick unspoiled jungle while the southern part of the country is dry savanna. Due to natural weather patterns, the jungle disappears very suddenly in a line that runs through the area of this confluence.

While planning our trip to the area, I assumed that this confluence was on the jungle side of the line and would be unreachable so I didn't schedule any time to visit it. However, when we drove along the road nearest to the confluence (which passes about 7km away) the area appeared to be mostly savanna. We were staying at the Rockview Lodge nearby and I excitedly explained to Colin, the owner, about the Degree Confluence Project. He was intrigued by the idea and arranged for his son to take us there in his 4wd truck. Just before we were about to leave, Colin decided to consult a faded but detailed map of the region and saw some bad news -- between the road and confluence were several patches of forest that were likely impassible in a vehicle, at least without much exploration and cutting of brush. The confluence itself appeared to fall within a patch of forest. Since we only had a few hours available, we had to call off the expedition before it ever started.

Colin believed that the confluence would be possible to reach and he would be happy to give it a try but it might take the better part of the day. Even the apparently flat savanna can be slow going by vehicle because of brush and other obstacles.

Rockview Lodge is in Annai, which can be reached by air from Georgetown and is about 15km from the confluence. You can also get there overland from Georgetown but it is a long and bumpy ride. More rustic accommodation is also available about an hour's drive away at the Surama Village guesthouse.

#1 The view from the air looking west toward the confluence which is probably in the upper-right corner of the picture. Note the patchwork of forest and grasslands. The main road crosses the middle of the picture from left to right.

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#1: Confluence from the air (in upper-right corner)
#2: Rockview Lodge from nearby hill
#3: Rockview lodgings
#4: Mealtime at Rockview Lodge
#5: The rats are bigger than the cats in Guyana
#6: Surama Village Guesthouse
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