the Degree Confluence Project

North Macedonia

4.6 km (2.9 miles) WNW of Asamati, Resen, North Macedonia
Approx. altitude: 844 m (2768 ft)
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Antipode: 41°S 159°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: East #3: South #4: West #5: The Winners #6: The Traktor #7: NASA is watching. #8: One dream came true - Enver came in Ohrid

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  41°N 21°E (visit #3)  

#1: Nord

(visited by Penko Roussev, Enver Hatipoglu, Deyana Boneva and Katya Tzirkova)

07-Nov-2004 -- If you start a journey to Macedonia, you can never predict in what situation you might involve. The weather was perfect, the friends – in perfect mood. Maybe this was the reason why the Macedonians were convinced to be so friendly. By the way, they have organized a referendum that day. Ohrid was the first place, of course, where our car stopped, after the customs officers had checked our luggage several times. The policemen were curious about the truthfulness of our explanation over the confluence.org. But there was just one sentence which helped us become closer “In United Europe we will be one family.

E-e-h, Ohrid! In Bulgaria we have a song dedicated to the Ohrid Lake. It is a very beautiful place indeed. The way in which the sun goes down is somehow unique, as if nowhere else can be seen such nuances of the glimmering lights over the water surface. Small boats with tourists fill the shore with voices. Some nuts sellers are trying to sell you sunflower seeds half baked, half –not baked. “Commo-o-on, it’s only one Euro the package…!”

When we asked one waiter why the atmosphere was so festal and what is this referendum, he stared at us silently for two minutes and said: “Well, this story of ours is not so short, and you don’t have so much time to listen to.” So he put on the music box for us his favourite song “Yovano, Yovanke”. This was a perfect solution after the confusion with the referendum.

We asked about the most Interesting places to visit firstly in the region “Of course the Monastery, where is buried St. Naum” St. Naum is the one of the distinguished students of the two Saint Brethren Cyril and Methodius, founders of the Bulgarian Alphabet – the Cyrillic alphabet. The Monastery was 20km far from the city. Winding road along the shore led us over the hill. It was late afternoon and because we were getting late and the Church could be closed, Enver was driving very fast against the luxury Albanian cars which flied into the curves with high speed. Visitors have to be very careful with this road.

We managed to get on time there and we saw a majestic sunset then we all lighted candles in the Church for it was a traditional day for the Orthodox Christianity on which we mention the people who had passed away.

On the next day we were on our way to the Prespan Lake. Even the weather prognosis told that it will rain that day – in this part of the world any prognoses are worthless. We followed the roads which should lead us to the closest distance from the confluence and it was the village Perovo. The best apples in Macedonia grow there, we tasted them. A huge jungle of reeds 3 meters high separated the village from the Lake. We met a young guy called Kotce, who was tall almost as the reeds were; Kotce is a very nice person. He has a tractor for ploughing. This was the next vehicle on our way to the cherished confluence; There was no radio on the tractor, so we formed immediately the “Choir of the Confluence conquests” with specific local repertoire. Strange, he knew all the songs that we knew.

After half an hour we noticed that we were going far from N41E21, so we had to leave our friend Kotce and continue by following Azimuth. Some useful info for the generations and especially for the future ‘Locate managers’ in the film productions: In this reeds jungle you can amaze the viewers who will watch your films. Virginity, intrigue and beauty - that can be seen from the eye of the camera, if you make films in this regions. My advice is, to choose the months October and November. On one side you avoid the summer heat and on the other – the frogs which would over-jump each other to get in the frame of your camera shot.

In this environment our friend Enver felt in himself unknown inspiration. No one could stop him from his heroic battle with the three metre reeds. He even managed to communicate directly with this new and uncommon for him “machine” – GPS. The distance we had to walk was 450m right through the jungle, 450m full of emotion and the sky, so beautiful…(nothing else could be seen). The GPS was set to navigate to the Confluence point and suddenly Enver turned to me very upset: “Why the pointer of the compass is turned against me!!??” We were there - on the confluence degree N41 E21! We enjoyed our success like kids. We made the pictures and quite happy made our way to Bulgaria.

God bless this man with health and long life - the man who created this magic game CONFLUENCE, for young and old, for Christians and Muslims, believers and atheists - all the energy people who love our planet.

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#1: Nord
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#5: The Winners
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#7: NASA is watching.
#8: One dream came true - Enver came in Ohrid
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Close to the lakeside of Lake Prespa.