the Degree Confluence Project

Mozambique : Gaza

6.5 km (4.0 miles) NNE of Manzene, Gaza, Mozambique
Approx. altitude: 61 m (200 ft)
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Antipode: 24°N 147°W

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Facing South #3: Facing West #4: Facing North #5: Facing East #6: GPS indicating our position #7: Marieta at an anthill along the hike

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  24°S 33°E  

#1: The Confluence from 20 m

(visited by Ernst van Biljon and Marieta van Biljon)

11-Dec-2004 -- I am petrified of dentists. Since childhood my six-monthly check-up has been a major challenge. Sitting in his chair, mouth wide open, clutching the arm rests, sweating, helpless, I first heard of the Degree Confluence Project.

I was planning a scuba diving holiday to Morrungulo, Mozambique. Returning home, I looked at the website and planned a route to the coast that would pass by Confluences not visited. My sister Marieta and friend Gys, also members of the Land Rover Owners Club of South Africa were keen to join me.

We entered Mozambique from South Africa at Ressano Garcia and proceeded to Moamba where we left the tar road. We travelled on gravel to Macia and Chokwé, last visited by me as part of a relief group in 2000 during the floods. From Chokwé we had to follow tracks not indicated on maps or my Mapsource Africa Road Atlas ver.1 in order to cover the last 90 km to the Confluence. We came to within 3.8 km where the track ended. We set camp, made supper and slept.

The next morning Marieta and I left on foot. Having seen warnings about possible land mines, we were very alert. We followed a footpath leading in the general direction of the Confluence for 2.8 km. When realising that the path would miss the Confluence by 1 km, we turned into the bush. We reached the Confluence at 05:30.

After taking the photographs, we returned to the rest of the party to celebrate. Another great day in Africa!

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#1: The Confluence from 20 m
#2: Facing South
#3: Facing West
#4: Facing North
#5: Facing East
#6: GPS indicating our position
#7: Marieta at an anthill along the hike
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Attention! Information received on 26 March 2004 from Mark Haug points out that the area around 24S 33E is infested by land-mines! Therefore, the DCP strongly advises against visiting this Confluence until further notice!