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Discover confluences in Kola peninsula [14-May-16]
Aleksandr Mashnikov and his crew went skiing 240 km across the tundra to visit 4 confluences (two virgin) above the Arctic Circle. The story starts here

4 CPs in extremely remote location [08-Mar-16]
Christian Tessmer and his crew visited four virgin confluences in the remote Siberian region. Above the Arctic Circle, with population density of one person per 56 sq. km. The story starts here.

Visit creation problems - solved! [29-Feb-16]
The picture submission issue has been fixed so new visits can once again be uploaded.

20 year jubilee! [20-Feb-16]
The Degree Confluence Project was started on 20-Feb-1996 when Alex Jarrett and Peter Cline made the first visit, to 43°N 72°W in New Hampshire. Since then there has been more than 20 000 visits made to over 7000 different confluence points.

3600km, 25 days [12-Jan-16]
Rainer Mautz did another of his cycling trips in China attempting 17 confluences along the way. It all starts here.

7000 confluences [02-Jan-16]
The visit to 58°N 102°W was the 7000-th unique successful visit posted (primary & secondary confluences combined). More than 7 years took for discovering last thousand new confluences.

New Andean Salar [23-Dec-15]
Kevin Bauer register 19S 67W on a new salar in the Andes Mountains, that used to be the 2nd lake in Bolivia. Here additional information about this new salar.

Four 1st visit in a row [14-Dec-15]
Joe Motter in a travel to South America has conquer 4 confluences never visit before in Andes Mountains. His quest starts here 20S 70W

Together with wild boars [18-Nov-15]
Confluent hunting surrounded by herds of wild boars, almost in the center of Europe. Read here.

5 countries, 6 days, 15 visits [15-Nov-15]
in what has become an annual tradition Karl Bryk and his son Michael undertook a multi-country european trip, it all begins here.

One more long confluence journey [03-Oct-15]
Valera Parshukov made a confluence journey from Pacific to the heart of Siberia, he drove 7200 km, visited 10 confluences and 2 attempted to visit. It starts here. At 50°N 130°E he exposed himself to mortal danger.
Warning: Be carefully prepared for hiking in the wild!

3rd line across australia [01-Oct-15]
On a recent trip out into remote Western Australia keen explorers Hugh Knight and John Crawford completed 29S across the entire width of Australia

Sacral numbers confluence [19-Apr-15]
Sacral confluence 60°N/E is repeatedly visited by unknown local confluence hunters. Here is the story.

First successful visit in Suriname [18-Feb-15]
Rainer Mautz in a travel to South America has conquer the first successful confluence visit in Suriname. His quest start here 5N 55W

R.I.P. Richard F Jones [09-Dec-14]
Today we received the very sad news of the passing of a fellow confluencer, Richard F Jones.

Seven new confluences in Kazakhstan [15-Nov-14]
Alexander Mashnikov, the conqueror of the highest North American confluence and his crew made a rapid journey over 7 new confluences in Western Kazakhstan. It starts here.

rare first visit to a country [31-Oct-14]
One of the two confluences in the Maldives has been visited. Here is the story.

aerial panorama [03-Oct-14]
Ross Finlayson has recently visited 34°N 111°W, a remote confluence in Arizona. He brought along a drone which allowed him to capture a full 360 degree video panorama from above the trees.

Vologda region in Russia is complete [28-Sep-14]
It took 9 years to complete the region. And all 22 CPs were visited by a single crew. Here is the final review.

China set with next generation hunter [22-Jul-14]
Experienced confluencers Targ Parsons and Peter SnowCao, introduced the next generation (Andy Parsons) to serious confluencing on this years China trip. It all starts here.

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