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China : Xīzàng Zìzhìqū (Tibet)
32 degrees north, 88 degrees east (visit #1) - All Pictures

#1: General View
General View
#2: 从汇交点向东和向南望的景观/East view and South view
从汇交点向东和向南望的景观/East view and South view
#3: 从汇交点向西和向北望的景观/West view and North view
从汇交点向西和向北望的景观/West view and North view
#4: 玛尼石堆和风马旗/Mani stones and prayer flags flutter
玛尼石堆和风马旗/Mani stones and prayer flags flutter
#5: GPS显示/GPS show
GPS显示/GPS show
#6: 草原上的死马/Dead horse on grassland
草原上的死马/Dead horse on grassland