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28 degrees north, 12 degrees west (visit #2) - All Pictures

#1: Succulents to the North
Succulents to the North
#2: Succulents to the East
Succulents to the East
#3: Succulents to the South
Succulents to the South
#4: Succulents to the West
Succulents to the West
#5: Confluence at a succulent
Confluence at a succulent
#6: GPS zero in the desert
GPS zero in the desert
#7: Sebkhet el Khoui
Sebkhet el Khoui
#8: Door to Western Sahara at Tan-Tan
Door to Western Sahara at Tan-Tan
#9: Tar road up the escarpment
Tar road up the escarpment
#10: Track straight to the Confluence
Track straight to the Confluence