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4.6 km (2.9 miles) W of Bjälverud, Värmland, Sweden
Approx. altitude: 249 m (816 ft)
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Antipode: 60°S 167°W

Accuracy: 10 m (32 ft)
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#2: north view #3: east view #4: south view #5: west view #6: gps reading #7: original swedish swamp #8: greetings from the ice age #9: A river to cross... #10: ...with the help of a friendly beaver

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  60°N 13°E (visit #2)  

#1: 60n13e viewed from south (30m)

(visited by Norbert Bilewicz)

19-Aug-2004 -- On my first travel to Sweden, this confluence should become my most northern point to reach. I left the main road R45 at a sign reading "Raby", when the GPS showed the confluence point in a right angle to the west. First I approached from the east, later from south-east, driving on several woodworker-roads definitively not built for my poor Skoda Fabia. With 2000 meters air line left, I continued by foot.

Soon the heavy wind was replaced by even heavier rain. At least I did not have to care about mosquitoes this time! During the following cross-country walk I passed several hills, lakes, ice-age formed rocks and swamps well worth seeing (OK, cancel the swamps, for my taste there was already enough water coming from above).

With 300 meters left to the confluence, I crossed a perfectly built road, meaning that a closer look at the map could have saved me a 90 minutes walk trough heavy rain. Adventuring takes its toll. Last difficulty to pass was a small stream, a problem that a nice beaver solved for me.

After this interesting approach, the confluence point itself appeared disappointingly insignificant. The trees have grown taller in the three years since the last visit, that’s all. Real showers of water where now pouring down on me, so a quick snap of the GPS reading and the required photos, and back I went.

All things considered a nice and adventurous confluence visit. Needless to say that the rain stopped as soon as I reached the car...

Visit stats:
Confluence 60N13E, 5 km west of Bjalverud, Värmlands Län, Sweden
Date 2004/08/19
Time 12:25pm
Visitor: Norbert M. Bilewicz (AUT)
Weather: 15deg Celsius, heavy wind, rainstorm
GPS: Garmin Gecko201
GPS accuracy at confluence: 8 meters

Photos: 60n13e_c: Overview of confluence, viewed from south (approx. 20m distance). 60n13e_n: North view from confluence spot 60n13e_e: East view from confluence spot 60n13e_s: South view from confluence spot 60n13e_w: West view from confluence spot 60n13e_g: GPS reading 60n13e_s1: Original Swedish swamp © 60n13e_s2: Incoming rain clouds 60n13e_s3: Greetings from the ice age 60n13e_s4: A river to cross… 60n13e_s5: …with help from a friendly beaver

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#1: 60n13e viewed from south (30m)
#2: north view
#3: east view
#4: south view
#5: west view
#6: gps reading
#7: original swedish swamp
#8: greetings from the ice age
#9: A river to cross...
#10: ...with the help of a friendly beaver
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