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Finland : Länsi-Suomen lääni

5.6 km (3.5 miles) N of Holiseva, Länsi-Suomen lääni, Finland
Approx. altitude: 106 m (347 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreeMap ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 62°S 155°W

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: View to the North #3: View to the East #4: View to the South #5: View to the West #6: GPS reading #7: Ground Zero #8: The Confluence Hunters #9: The old wooden house

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  62°N 25°E (visit #2)  

#1: The Confluence from 15 m distance

(visited by Rainer Mautz and Elionora)

30-Jul-2017 -- This is the 5th out of 13 reports reaching confluence points in Finland. The story starts from 61°N 28°E and continues from 62°N 26°E.

I decided not to bore the reader with a description how to approach the confluence points by car. Nowadays, most visitors type their destination coordinates in the car navigation system and then follow the guidance until the destination has been reached. The car navigation will bring the visitors to the nearest public road – which not always might be the optimal approach, but in most cases it is a good option to park the vehicle according to the car navigation’s recommendation. Surely it is worth having a look at the satellite view to see whether there are forest tracks or at least some forest aisles that allow an easier approach compared to the beeline approach.

On our drive to this confluence point, we suddenly were stopped by a man, who wanted to have 5 Euro from us. When we asked why, he responded that there is a rally today and if we want to watch it, we have to pay. But we only wanted to pass through. Unfortunately, this was not possible because the road ahead of us was closed for the rally. As a result, we had to find our own deviation around – using various adventurous minor forest tracks. 40 minutes later, we were on our planned route again.

We parked our car at a distance of 388 m at the roadside and followed most likely the same approach as the first visit in 2001 by following an overgrown forest track up to a distance of only 30 m. We also passed an abandoned wooden house on our way which already existed back in 2001.

The confluence is located in a mixed spruce and pine forest with the ground covered entirely with various green plants.

CP Visit Details:

  • Distance of car parking: 388 m
  • Time to reach the CP from the road: 5 min
  • Time at the CP: 10:55 AM
  • Measured height: 108 m
  • Minimal distance according to GPS: 0 m
  • Position accuracy: 4 m
  • Topography: flat
  • Vegetation: spruce and pine forest, green ground cover
  • Weather: sunny, 24° C (felt temperature)
  • Given Name: The Old Wooden House Confluence

The story continues at 62°N 24°E.

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#1: The Confluence from 15 m distance
#2: View to the North
#3: View to the East
#4: View to the South
#5: View to the West
#6: GPS reading
#7: Ground Zero
#8: The Confluence Hunters
#9: The old wooden house
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