the Degree Confluence Project

United States : New Hampshire

2.9 miles (4.7 km) NW of Exeter, Rockingham, NH, USA
Approx. altitude: 22 m (72 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreetMap topo aerial ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 43°S 109°E

Accuracy: 6 m (19 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: North view 1-28-07 #3: South view 1-28-07 #4: East view 1-28-07 #5: West view 1-28-07 #6: GPS coordinates 43N 71W

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  43°N 71°W (visit #5)  

#1: 43N 71W 1-28-07

(visited by William Eskel)

28-Jan-2007 -- The day was filled with sunshine and the temperature was a pleasant 42 degrees. The sun felt much warmer than that. This was my first visit to a Confluence point. I was accompanied by Angie and our canine companion Benjamin. We came from the town of Exeter on route 111A and parked the truck just west of Dudley brook. We could have taken a more direct route to the Confluence point but I wanted to work on my orienting a bit. So we began our journey by walking parallel to the brook on a heading of 69 degrees for a distance of 430 yards. The walking was fairly easy going through a forest of pine and hardwood mix trees. There was not much snow to speak of, perhaps an inch or two. We then changed direction and headed dead north for a distance of 1,060 yards and hopefully to our goal of 43:00.00N by 71:00.00W. This leg also was fairly easy walking for about 800 yards with again pine and hardwood mix of trees. At times more pine that would filter out the sun completely.

With about 200 yards or so to go, we came across a marsh area that was fairly heavy with underbrush. Not overwhelmingly so but enough to make us zig and zag off course to find a clearer way. We also came across a stream in the middle of crossing the marsh. Normally this time of year the stream would be frozen solid but not so this year. Although it was frozen, it wouldn’t hold our weight. The stream wasn’t very wide but we still had to look for an easier place to cross. Once this little challenge was accomplished, we headed for a stand of pine trees on the other side of the marsh. We were getting very close to our destination. The stand of pine lasted about 75 yards and then it opened up to a much drier marsh area. Almost there! We walked another 25 yards when my GPS indicated the Confluence of 43N x 71W. Success!

The Confluence is truly in the middle of nowhere. The first picture of the Confluence shows a metal container that someone tied to the tree. We opened it up and found all kinds of treasure. A note pad for writing your date of visit, a baseball, several pens and pencils, a pendant, lucky charms, and a marble among other little mementos. We hung out for a little while and took the required photos. Benjamin was a mess. He’s a long haired dog who has no concern for his appearance and why should he? He was enjoying himself. The temperature was very comfortable.

We pretty much headed back the same way we came in. We didn’t see any wildlife mostly because we were probably making to much noise. But there was plenty of sign in the way of tracks and droppings. The birds didn’t seem to mind us as they were chirping for the whole walk. Other Confluent hunters who have tracked to this point have suggested that moose are in the area. I wouldn’t doubt that but we didn’t see any hoof prints of that size. Anyway, it was a very pleasant walk for Angie, Benjamin and I. It didn’t take much time either. It took us 2 hours from start to finish and as I said in the beginning, we took the long way. I hope your walk is as pleasant as ours was.

Onward to the next Confluence.......

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#1: 43N 71W 1-28-07
#2: North view 1-28-07
#3: South view 1-28-07
#4: East view 1-28-07
#5: West view 1-28-07
#6: GPS coordinates 43N 71W
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