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7.6 km (4.7 miles) WNW of Lawlawvaw, Eastern, Ghana
Approx. altitude: 78 m (255 ft)
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Antipode: 6°S 180°

Accuracy: 17 m (55 ft)
Quality: good

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  6°N 0° (visit #3)  

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(visited by Gerhard Bechtold, Jonathan Bechtold and Alexander Bechtold)

25-Dec-2007 -- I actually wanted to visit another, unvisited confluence point further north, but failed because of the Xmas holidays and no ferries crossing the Volta lake during these days.

At least I wanted to see another point on my way back home to Accra, where I do GIS / GPS work. I decided to re-visit point 6N 0. After checking in at a hotel in Atimpoku, I rushed to go some 224 km S, where I found some turnoffs from the main road going to the W through some mix of bushland, grassland and cultivated maize fields, mango plantations, yams fields.

I took one dirt track going into the bush, some 8 km away from the point. A car passed, I followed, thought the driver knows, where he is going, but then he stopped at a small hut, his house. Yes, he will help me as a guide, and off we went further west. First on a good dirt track, then got stopped by impenetrable thick bush. Back, and in a big loop to the S, to Ago Meda, then NW, from there on a farm road back to the maize and tomato fields, mango trees. 100 m to walk.

Here I was at the point, my PDA-GPS with SirfIII chip (accuracy less than 3 m) showed the precise location, I was walking a circle of 20 m diameter, took the pictures, and returned.

Story 2nd part: When my family came back from Xmas holidays, the kids were so excited. So I went again with the family. It was easy, as I knew where to go.

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