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5.6 km (3.5 miles) S of Ban Wang O, Phetchabun, Thailand
Approx. altitude: 138 m (452 ft)
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Antipode: 16°S 79°W

Quality: good

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  16°N 101°E (visit #2)  

#1: General location

(visited by Chakrit Ratanapibul, Chanpakorn Ratanapibul and Takongit Ratanapibul)

22-Apr-2010 -- I planned to visit Khoa Kho (locate at Phetchabul province,Thailand) after Songkran festival because during festival, on the roads were crowed with people who went to countryside for vacation. There is a long holiday that start from 13 to 15 April every year. I chose 22nd April for a journey. April is the hottest month in Thailand (probably others in S.E Asia). Our intelligent ancestor had the trick to relieve the hot weather by giving cool by throwing water to each other, but the actual purpose is to respect the elders by pouring water to their hands then listen them bless. A long time ago Songkran was Thai New Year.

I had visited N15 E101 last year. My sons Chanpakorn(Opal) and Takongit(Oong) were interested to visit another CP. When checked on the map, we found and accepted to visit N16 E101 where is near the route to Khoa Kho. This is the opportunity for them to get experience.

22 April 2010 , 9.30 am. We left home at Saraburi passing the new bypass road(east ring) with my 17 years old Mazda pick up car(small truck) -age more than my elder son- Chanpakorn. Until we met no.21 road then straight to Phetchabul province with old car and new 4 lane road. After 170 km we arrived at junction in Nong phai district. Turn left to narrow asphalt road no.2401 straight 6 km. With GPS the CP is 300 m to go, the arrow pointed to the south-west. We found T-junction with dirt road to the left, at the corner stood the small beverage shop, from this spot we drove 200 m. The arrow pointed to the right direction (west) 200m away. We stopped the car to walk. That time was 14.30 pm the weather was very hot and humid, I estimated the temp. reached 40C.

The area is a corn plantation preparing for the starting of rainy season in May. Some plantations are young timber and rubber. It was difficult to walk across the plantation because the soil stuck and packed like stone due to ploughing. We walked closer and closer directly to the bamboo jungle beyond the rim of the plantation. Then under the thin leaf of the clump of bamboo, fortunately the signal from the satellites strong enough to show but fluctuated and difficult to get Long&Lat to be all zero. Chanpakorn switched on the digital camera promptly for important event. We were DEEJAI(to be glad) that our mission hit the target, took photos we need.

We left the area 15.05 pm. And went to Khoa kho as we had planed, that night we set a camp at Thung salaenluang National park and the day after sight seeing the beautiful scenery nearly noon then came back on 24 Apr.2010 with our happy heart.

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