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0.6 km (0.4 miles) NNW of Radžiuliai, Vilnius, Lithuania
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Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Marker boulder #3: Overview of the site #4: European flags #5: GPS reading at the marker boulder #6: GPS reading at the monument

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  54°54'24"N 25°19'12"E (visit #6) (special) 

#1: Monument

(visited by Terratin)

23-Aug-2013 -- Having visited confluence point 55N 25E, we drove over a connecting road, the 108, between the A2 and A14 to the Geographical Centre of Europe. The site is clearly marked and as such easy to find.

At the parking place (54°54.477'N 25°19.214'E) an information sign in Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian, German, and French gives a brief explanation how this area was choosen as the Geographical Centre of Europe, indicating which bounderies where used; and with that also indicating geopolitical factors that were used to make geographical calculations. One wonders why the Canary Islands are included, but not f.i. French overseas departments.

A funny aspect is that the explanation tells about the inaccuracy of the calculations, meaning the actual centre could be anywhere within a square of 1100 by 800 m. And yet, there's a large boulder at the site implying the exact Centre of Europe...

Another, personal, interesting observation was that for us being Western Europeans, the Geographical Centre of Europe 'feels' very far to the East. This shows how big Russia actually is and mostly how unaware we apperantly are of that fact.

Putting all the observations and discussions aside, the site itself basically is what one would expect: a marker, a monument including a compass rose and all European Flags. There's also a couple of wooden blockhuts, but unfortunately all closed.

After our visit we went on to explore a bit more of the Lithuanian countryside, before driving to Vilnius.


  • Date/Time of arrival: 23 August 2013, 13:34
  • GPS Devices: Garmin Oregon 450/Garmin etrex vista HCx
  • GPS Latitude: N 54 54.398 (Oregon) / N 54 54.400 (etrex)
  • GPS Longitude: E025 19.196 (Oregon) / E025 19.195 (etrex)
  • GPS accuracy: 3 m (both)
  • GPS Altitude: 161 m (both)
  • Nearest village: Radžiuliai, Lithuania
  • Visible Terrain/Area: Hilly, trees, landscaped area
  • Weather: Slightly overcast with sunny spells; ~18°C
  • Description of the CP: The site is created to mark the geographical centre of Europe
  • Name: Geographical Centre of Europe
  • Means of transport: Car, walking the final ~160 m over a path

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#1: Monument
#2: Marker boulder
#3: Overview of the site
#4: European flags
#5: GPS reading at the marker boulder
#6: GPS reading at the monument
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