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3.0 km (1.9 miles) SE of Ivoševci, Zadarska, Croatia
Approx. altitude: 238 m (780 ft)
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Antipode: 44°S 164°W

Quality: good

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  44°N 16°E (visit #1)  

#1: panoramic view

(visited by Dusko Lolic and Ivo Duvnjak)

01-Sep-2001 -- When I first visited this site, all of the eight Croatian confluences were untouched. No need to hurry, I thought. But since then, two of them were successfully attacked by foreigners. It was time to do something! As I live near Split (N43°33,4598' E016°30,1523'), almost equally distant from three unvisited confluences, you might think it would be easy to just pick one and go for it. But two of them are at sea, out of reach without a serious boat. Even this one, on the walkable solid ground, is quite far away. 70 km from where I live, almost 100 km by road. I just had to wait for an opportunity. And it happened.

My boss and I were going on a sort of business trip to Udbina (N44°32, 5468' E015°45,9280'). The company I work for (http://www.dimb.hr/) has a digital camera and I borrowed a GPS for this occasion. On the way back, near Knin, instead of going to Drnis we took a detour towards Zadar and the confluence. According to map, the confluence is near the road and so it was, within 400m. We found a graveled road that took us even closer, to around 280 meters from the confluence. From there we had to walk. We were a bit worried about land mines as this area was a war zone just a few years ago, but as soon as we saw some fresh sheep droppings we knew we were safe. Finding the 44N-16E wasn't difficult, no dense forest, no steep hills, just grass, a few stone walls, a bush here and there.

On the spot we found an evidence that a sheep was there before us, but I suppose it had a misfortune of just running out of batteries for GPS and camera. On the way home we extended our journey for a few more kilometers and drove through Krka national park (http://www.npkrka.hr/).

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#1: panoramic view
#2: north view
#3: west view
#4: south view
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#6: we trust this guy
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