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Norway : Vestfold

2.0 km (1.2 miles) W of Stavern, Vestfold, Norway
Approx. altitude: 71 m (232 ft)
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Antipode: 59°S 170°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Orienteering control flag at the confluence #3: GPS showing distance from the check point #4: Track log with check point and degree confluence

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  59°N 10°E (visit #2)  

#1: 360 degree panorama taken 30 m NE of the confluence

(visited by Terje Mathisen)

06-Apr-2002 -- This confluence was the first to be visited in Norway, in january 2000. At that time I went there on a trip together with several other members of my family.

Since this was before the SA errors were eliminated, it was hard to locate the exact spot, and I used a detailed map instead of my GPS.

Afterwards I've checked the location on several new maps, and it seemed like our first visit might have missed the exact point. During this second visit, I was able to measure the actual distance to about 75 m.

On saturday April 6th Larvik Orienteering Club, which is based nearby, held a mass start event to commemorate their 50 year jubilee. At this event, all the competitors except for the young beginners had to visit a check point which was placed on the nearest (to the confluence point) usable terrain feature!

After the competition I made another trip up on Haugane hill, and measured that the check point was 66 m from the confluence, i.e. well within the 100 m maximum. I also surveyed the exact spot, under really excellent GPS conditions: 12 sats locked, DOP equal to 0.8!

This means that with 109 visitors who all had to check in, this is probably a record for both the most visits in a single day, and the most visits total.

Just in case the link above goes away, here is the complete list of verified visitors: Åge Thorjussen, Anders Kr. Holt, Andre Jægtvik, Ann Kristin Bjerke, Anne-Lise Ronæss, Anne Lise Andreassen, Arne Dirdal, Arne Kristiansen, Arne Vidar Pedersen, Arthur Andreassen, Arve Glittum, Arvid Bagstevold, Åsmund Hasaas, Astrid Gjelstad, Atle Remme, Bjørn Borgen, Bjørn Haugen, Bjørn T. Mathisen, Brit Sundby, Christina Sandvand, Dag Aksnes, Egil Ronæss, Einar Hagerup, Einar Strøm, Eirik Nørstebø, Eli Marie Wiig, Ellen Aure Skogedal, Erik N. Larsen, Erling Grammeltvedt, Ernst Andorsen, Espen Raastad, Finn Setlo, Geir Berven, Georg Horvati, Guro Torpe, Gus Myklbust, Håkon Nergaard Berg, Halvor Sveistrup, Hans G. Rønne, Hans Kr. Hasaas, Hans Mathisen, Heidi Østlid Bagstevold, Helge Fossheim, Helge Halvorsen, Henning Pedersen, Hilde Kløvstad, Ildeko Horvati, Inger Nergaard, Ingrid Anne Rosshaug, Ingrid B. Myhre, Jakob Kløverød, Jarl Homme, Jens Bøhle, John Arthur Olafsen, Jon Håkestad, Kaja Torpe, Karl-Johan Eilerås, Kirsti Aas Olsen, Kjell Dolva, Kjetil Berge, Knut Ole Thoreplass, Knut W. Mathisen, Konrad Valderhaug, Kristian Bjerke, Lars Jøran Sundsdal, Lars Martin Gjein, Leiv Hope, Magne Klovning, Marie Therese Bakkehaug, Martin Sørensen, Mona Gjelstad, Morten Eliassen, Odd Gunbjørnsen, Oddvar Gjelstad, Øivind Fadum, Ola Marius Pedersen, Ole Magnus Reinemo, Oscar Andreassen, Øystein Kleven, Pål Elvegård, Per-Arild Hansen, Per Chr. Hagen, Per Jarle Eikeland, Per Nordheim, Per P. Gulbrandsen, Petter Reinemo, Ragnar Niemi Berg, Ragnar Skautvedt, Randi Kjølstad, Randi Kleven, Roald Lunde, Roger Lysnes, Runar Kittilsen, Sidsel Nørstebø, Sigurd Reppesgård, Stein Martinsen, Stein Tryti, Steinar Øvreås, Steinar Ruud, Sverre Haug Lindseth, Terje Mathisen, Tom Chr. Blix, Tone Grande, Torbjørn Grande Østby, Tore Aa. Gulbrandsen, Tore Hoff, Tove Austad Kilen, Tove E. Mathisen, Vidar Danielsen

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#1: 360 degree panorama taken 30 m NE of the confluence
#2: Orienteering control flag at the confluence
#3: GPS showing distance from the check point
#4: Track log with check point and degree confluence
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