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United States : Florida

8.0 miles (12.8 km) ENE of Golden Beach (Miami-Dade), Broward, FL, USA
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 26°S 100°E

Accuracy: 6 m (19 ft)
Quality: better pictures needed

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#2: Map #3: GPS #4: Hollywood (Florida) in the rain #5: Miami in the rain

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  26°N 80°W (visit #1)  

#1: Fort Lauderdale skyline through the rain

(visited by Captain Peter, Volodymyr Kokorev and Volodymyr Sydorenko)

21-Jun-2002 -- After having visited 27°N/80°W offshore Florida we proceeded straight South to the next confluence, 26°N/80°W, hoping for better weather. But instead of improving, it became worse.

Fort Lauderdale was still recognizable, with a passenger ship leaving the port (them poor guys, wasted their money, booking a cruise just under such conditions!)

Hollywood, between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, did not offer much, and forget completely about Miami.

In my young years I had frequently passed this coast, but I have no recollection of such a lousy day in the area like this 21st of june 2002 - being even the beginning of summer, at least according the calendar...

The local Board of Tourism of Miami may excuse me for putting up such unfavorable pictures of this normally beautiful region, being really completely unsuitable to promote tourism, but I am not a tourist, always under pressure of time and have to take it as it comes.

On the other hand, for us as merchant seamen, such a day is very favorable. On a fine day there is a horrible traffic of yachts and fishermen in the Straits of Florida, all of course disregarding the maritime rules of the road and being really bothersome. This ugly day, however, we had the whole Straits of Florida for us, not a single pleasure craft around:-)

Normally at this distance the coast of Florida is perfectly visible and offers a magnificient view - try it out with a 2nd visit...

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#1: Fort Lauderdale skyline through the rain
#2: Map
#3: GPS
#4: Hollywood (Florida) in the rain
#5: Miami in the rain
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In the Atlantic Ocean, but with a view of land.