the Degree Confluence Project

Canada : Québec

5.5 km (3.4 miles) NW of Sainte-Félicité, QC, Canada
Approx. altitude: 352 m (1154 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 110°E

Quality: good

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#2: Looking south #3: GPS #4: Roadside at 70 degrees N

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  47°N 70°W (visit #1) (incomplete) 

#1: In the woods

(visited by Ray Sumner and Julienne Gard)

16-May-2003 -- We had planned a tour of the Gaspe Peninsula, and saw that there was an unvisited confluence nearby, so decided to include it in our itinerary.

The weather was glorious, and we drove up into the northernmost part of the Appalachians. We had the AAA map "Northeastern States and Provinces", a GPS, and the French translation of the letter explaining our purpose. Just before L'Islet we turned southeast on the 285 through St. Marcel. Then we went northeast on a road not on our map.

We then took a good unsealed road through the forest, came onto a sealed road, and headed north till we were at 70 degrees North, with just a short walk eastward in a forest needed to arrive at the confluence. A police car stopped to see if we were in trouble. We explained our plan; the policeman looked puzzled, read the letter, and indicated it was OK. We also got directions from him how to get to the 216 after our walk, since this road was on our map and led back to our original route.

So we pushed through undergrowth till we got to the confluence. It was hard to get a good lock because of the trees. A sweater was torn and arms were scratched, but we felt good to achieve our goal.

We headed to the 216, then northwest on the 204 through Tourville and back along the south side of the St. Lawrence River, the beautiful route 132, which traverses the St. Lawrence River and Gaspe Peninsula.

Coordinator's Note: This visit is listed as an attempt because there is some uncertainty about whether or not the visitors actually were at, or near, the confluence. The GPS photo shows a location that is over 3 kilometeres from the confluence.

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#1: In the woods
#2: Looking south
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#4: Roadside at 70 degrees N
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