the Degree Confluence Project

United States : North Carolina

0.8 miles (1.3 km) WNW of Riverdale, Craven, NC, USA
Approx. altitude: 2 m (6 ft)
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Antipode: 35°S 103°E

Quality: good

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  35°N 77°W (visit #1)  

#1: North view

(visited by ECU Geoclub)

17-Feb-2001 -- The East Carolina University Geography club was in charge of finding this confluence. We decided to start our trip around 9 a.m. shortly after a rainstorm had passed. After about an hour drive, we found the dirt road that leads to the vicinity of the confluence. There was a gate at the entrance of the path so we could only drive about 30 yards off the road. From there we hiked down the extremely muddy path into the woods and straight into a swamp! We decided that the location we wanted was on the other side of this marshy area. Only our faculty advisor, Dr. Pease, had enough sense to bring rubber boots, the rest of us just had wet feet the whole day. Once we got to the other side we realized that the confluence was in the other direction, so once again we trampled through the swampy ground. We finally made our way through an abundance of briars until we found the relative location of the confluence. Yet again, we were faced with the pleasurable experience of walking through swamp water. We made our way across and onto a bit of land but a waist deep creek, which was the source of all the swamp backwater, stopped up from crossing. So we did what any relentless group of geographers would do; we built our own bridge out of limbs we found on the ground. Needless to say it wasn't perfect but it did its job. We found our confluence at the very edge of the creek, took the pictures, removed our bridge to prevent further damming of the area, and headed on ourway back to our cars. We didn't leave the same way we went in, and no one thought to take a GPS reading or compass bearing where we parked. We walked for a while, sometimes in circles it seemed, through dense brier patches and undergrowth until we reached our original path. It may have taken us a little longer to get back than it did to find the site, but hey, we are the geography club, we can't get lost, right?!

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