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How to submit a confluence visit

The links below show examples of how to submit your confluence visit using our website.

If you have visited a confluence, and want to let people know, but are not yet ready to submit your visit(e.g. maybe you have to wait for photos to be developed) then do not start your visit submission process! The correct way to let people know of your visit is to login to your Member page and create a "visited but not submitted" Plan.

If you have not submitted a confluence visit before, we suggest you start at the beginning, and step through the whole process to see what is required.

You can also go directly to the information for any step in the process, if you need to review the specificis for that step.

The examples step through the submission of a visit to 49°N 117°W, so you can compare the submission information with the resulting confluence webpage.

Many of the images link to larger versions that are easier to read.

  1. Preparation
  2. Start
  3. Enter Latitude/Longitude
  4. Confirm Latitude/Longitude
  5. Enter Visitor Information
  6. Enter Narrative
  7. Narrative Review
  8. Photos - overview
  9. Photos 1-6 before upload
  10. Photos 1-6 after upload
  11. Extra Photos - before upload
  12. Extra Photos - after upload
  13. Visit Submission - "submitting" status
  14. Editing your visit submission
  15. Finalize Submission
  16. Visit Submission complete
  17. Visit Submission email
  18. Visit Submission - "pending" status
  19. Visit Activation email