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Visitor gathered all CP in his country [25-Oct-23]
Aleksander Piwkowski has visited 19 confluences in 16 days in his country. Thus he gathered all 40 in-land confluences in Poland. The story starts here

One-way from Moscow to Tashkent [24-Mar-23]
Vladimir traveled a total of 4650 km - on his way he visited 12 confluences (of which 5 were new!), including 3 hyper-confluences. The story starts from 52N 39E.

Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran [30-Aug-22]
Sabine and Bernd visited a region of the world that does not see much "confluencer" traffic. They added 7 first visits in Uzbekistan and 1 in Turkmenistan. The story starts here 41N 62E

More Visits Posted [28-Aug-22]
In the month of August 2022 we have posted 119 reports - such a popularity hasn't been observed on this website since September 2008.

A new confluence guessing game [19-May-22]
Guess the coordinates of an (already-visited) Degree Confluence Point:

6 new confluences [16-Dec-21]
This year through the efforts of three confluence hunters from Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Novosibirsk, 6 new confluences were conqured in the south of Russia: 44°N 45°E, 43°N 45°E, 44°N 46°E, 45°N 47°E, 43°N 46°E and 44°N 47°E Moreover, at 44°N 47°E, not knowing about each other, the visitors stood on the same day and they were separated by only about 5 hours!

Barbados is country 188 [09-May-21]
A visit of Ioannis Pilides First Officer on Serenade Of The Seas from Royal Caribbean International visit by ship to the marine Confluence 13N 60W adding Barbados to the list of countries with visited Confluences

SEVEN New Confluences [13-Mar-21]
Quite a rare event! Valera Parshukov gathered the collection of seven virgin confluences during his journey from Vladivostok to Novosibirsk, 6300 km long. All this took place in 2018 and published now. It all starts here.

25 years of DCP [01-Mar-21]
The visit to 58N 32E is devoted to 25-th anniversary of Degree Confluence Project. Happy International confluence day!

Photo Uploads Possible Again [03-Oct-20]
03-Oct-2020: Now, the submission of reports and pictures is possible again!

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Photo Uploads Impossible [02-Sep-20]
Currently, the submission of pictures is not possible. A change on the server made the file system read-only. We will place another message here when this problem has been solved.

Finland Completed! [23-Jul-19]
With Hermann Grebner's challenging visit to 65°N 25°E the country of Finland is now completed. With 69 confluence points it is the largest country where all confluences have been visited.

PHP is updated [09-Jan-19]
We have now updated the PHP version of our scripts. You may now submit again your stories as usual

PHP Update [22-Dec-18]
We are currently updating the PHP version of our scripts. You may submit your stories as usual. So far we cannot process and publish new visits. We'll keep you informed as we have fixed all issues.

Better Pictures on [02-Nov-18]
We have increased the picture size: you can now upload 12 pictures up to 12 MB each (formerly 4 MB). In addition, the sizes of pictures and thumbs displayed in your reports are increased.

700 confluences in Russia [27-Jul-18]
During their 3-days journey in Siberia Valera Parshukov and Anton Semenov reached 58°N 87°E, which became 700-th confluence visited in Russia.

100+ confluences in Kazakhstan [07-Apr-18]
Valera Parshukov and partially Denis Spiridonov raised a number of visited confluences in Kazakhstan up to 107. Journey statistics: 8 days, 6000 km, 23 CP visits, 21 successful, 19 new confluences. The story starts from 52°N 75°E.

Memorial confluence journey [11-Feb-18]
Alexander Lobanov unexpectedly died a year ago during his Kazakhstan vacation. He was one of the first confluence hunters in Russia and Siberia. Valera Parshukov who was Alexander's childhood friend, devoted him his confluence journey in the remote swampy floodland of Ob river. The story starts from 59°N 81°E.

Maldives Completed [06-Feb-18]
With the visit of 7°N 73°E, the Maldives join the list of completed countries.

Welcome to Nuclear Test Site [30-Sep-17]
http://runetki.sexyThose who couldn't reach confluence 37°N 116°W on Nevada NTS in the USA have an opportunity to visit confluence 50°N 79°E on Semipalatinsk NTS in Kazakhstan following Denis Spiridonov

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