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France : Picardie

1.2 km (0.7 miles) W of Nurlu, Somme, Picardie, France
Approx. altitude: 146 m (478 ft)
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Antipode: 50°S 177°W

Accuracy: 91 m (298 ft)
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#2: View to the East #3: View to the South #4: View to the West #5: The Confluence Hunters #6: GPS Reading #7: General View of the Area #8: Way to the Confluence

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  50°N 3°E (visit #2)  

#1: The Confluence - View to the North

(visited by Rainer Mautz and Elionora)

05-May-2005 -- The story starts from 50N 11E.

This is the ninth visit out of a 10-confluence-hunt along the 50 degree latitude line. The special purpose of that tour was to visit as many confluence points as possible within one day.

After having visited 8 confluences this day, we still had enough energy and daytime available to go for this hunt.

Coming from 50N 4E we took the N43 towards Cambrai, but did not follow into the city itself. Instead, we went over small country roads through villages; finally reaching Gouzeaucourt, Fins and Nurlu. We left Nurlu to the West towards Manancourt. Shortly after leaving Nurlu we followed a winded single lane road up to 300m to the confluence. Then, we walked between a pea and a cereal field closer to the point. Unfortunately, the exact location is in the centre of a giant cereal field without any tracks in between. In order to make no damage to the crops, we had to stay away. But anyway, we could get a GPS reading within 100m to the point.

This confluence is not really spectacular. Meanwhile the weather had turned from sunny to overcast with strong winds. In our booking sheets, all what Guang noted in the 'highlight' column was 'cold'. After a quick 10 minute-long ho-hum documentation we headed off.

CP visit details:

  • Time at the CP: 19:40 p.m.
  • Driving time to get to the CP: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Driving distance: 98 km
  • Distance of car parking: 307 m
  • Distance to a track: 308 m
  • Distance to a road: 800 m
  • Distance to houses: 1000 m
  • Topography: slight slope
  • Minimal distance according to GPS: 91.5 m
  • Position accuracy at the CP: 5 m
  • GPS height: 137 m
  • Vegetation: Young cereal sprouts. Nearby is a pea field.
  • Weather: overcast, 10° C (felt temperature), strong winds.
  • Specialities: Cold.
  • Description of the CP: Right in the centre of a huge cereal field. At the horizon some aligned trees. To the south deciduous woodland
  • Given Name: The Centre of Wheat Field Confluence

Story continues at 50N 2E.

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#1: The Confluence - View to the North
#2: View to the East
#3: View to the South
#4: View to the West
#5: The Confluence Hunters
#6: GPS Reading
#7: General View of the Area
#8: Way to the Confluence
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