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near Gortipohl, Vorarlberg, Austria
Approx. altitude: 1097 m (3599 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 170°W

Accuracy: 6 m (19 ft)
Quality: good

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  47°N 10°E (visit #6)  

#1: Overview

(visited by Karl Bryk, Andrea Bryk and Michael Bryk)

16-Jul-2005 -- Having just visited 47N 11E we set off back along the Ötztal, driving through Landeck on towards the CP. We decided to drive over the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse and down the other side to 47N 10E. The weather was warm and sunny as we drove the pass road with fantastic views of the mountains either side.

Passing through Ischgl (one hotel after another) and Galtür (scene of a massive avalanche in 1999 that killed 31 people - you can see the new avalanche barriers as you drive through the village), we arrived at the top of the pass at around 2000 metres. After a short stop the view the Silvretta Stausee (resevoir) we made our way to Gortipohl and after some searching found the road that took us to the Fischers Fritz restaurant.

We decided to drive past here first and see where the road led to, so followed it to the end where there was a large farmhouse. Since it was still a few hundred metres to the CP we decided to go back down to the restaurant and have lunch before tackling the CP. Had I done my research better (i.e. read all the previous visitors reports) I would have known this was the perfect place to start.

So we had lunch, during which we had a talk with Fritz Schöpf who advised us on how to get to the CP - follow the road and turn right up a trail at the old farmhouse. Our start was delayed by a thunderstorm which we sat out in the car, but finally after 15 minutes we decided the worst was over and off we went.

We walked a short while looking for an old farmhouse and thinking we had found it - after only 200 metres - we took a right and made our way up. This 'trail' proved to be quite steep and when we ended up in thick woods we realized that we had made a wrong turn. Undeterred we b-lined up through the wood until eventually we crossed a track that led to the CP. We followed this and within a few minutes were there. It was raining by this time.

At the CP close to one edge of the hut we took the usual photos. Michael had found some beer cans in a sort of 'swimming pool' near one of the lower huts (see pictures) but it was a bit early in the day for beer, I thought. We made our way back down to the pool and returned the can of beer, noticing a few cans floating in the pool. We returned following the track we had found, by this time in torrential rain. At the end of the track we arrived at - surprise, surprise - the old farm house at the end of the road, and obviously the 'old farmhouse' Fritz had meant us to turn right at.

A pleasant but wet walk passed the penned in geese to the car completed our visit. We would travel on to stay Pforzheim in Germany before visiting Luxembourg's only CP 50N 6E the next day.

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