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Italy : Lombardia

1.9 km (1.2 miles) N of San Rocco, Mantova, Lombardia, Italy
Approx. altitude: 13 m (42 ft)
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Antipode: 45°S 169°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Panorama North #3: Panorama South #4: GPS Reading #5: Ground Zero #6: The Confluence Hunters #7: The Railroad Track

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  45°N 11°E (visit #3)  

#1: The Confluence from 16m Distance

(visited by Rainer Mautz and Elionora)

01-May-2008 -- This is the third out of 7 confluence points that we visited during a week-end trip to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Story starts from 45°N 9°E.

It took us 1 hour and 50 minutes to drive from 45°N 10°E which is located 78.85 km beeline-distance from this confluence. On the highway A1 we got stuck into a traffic jam. But nevertheless we stayed on the A1 as google-maps had suggested. Just before reaching the city of Modena, we turned on highway A22 northwards and left it at Pegognaga, which is about 10km from the confluence point. We followed Strada Provinciale East to the old town of Quistello. The confluence is just 1 km out of the town centre. Leaving town in direction south-east on Via Cantone, you can reach the confluence up to 400 m by road.

From the previous two visits we knew about a 3 m-wide ditch that separates the confluence from the road system. We followed the advice of the visitor Hans Augdoppler and parked directly at the railroad crossing (instead of entering Via Basaglie). From there we hiked along the single-tracked railroad line for 400 m that directly took us to the confluence. Next to the railroad track is a small path with concrete slabs – so it is safe and easy to access the confluence this way. Only the last 16 m the visitor has to pass through a wild meadow.

Meanwhile the sun was burning hot – but it was still pleasant for staying at the confluence for its documentation. We left the confluence the same way that we had come.

CP visit details:

  • Time at the CP: 11:31 am
  • Driving time: 1 hour 50 min
  • Driving distance: 150 km
  • Hiking time: 10 min
  • Hiking distance: 411 m (beeline)
  • Distance to a road: 328 m
  • Distance to a railroad track: 16 m
  • Distance to houses: 60 m
  • Topography: flat, in the flood planes of Po River
  • Minimal distance according to GPS: 0 m
  • Position accuracy at the CP: 5 m
  • GPS height: 5 m
  • Vegetation: grass, some barley, clover, fallow land. Horsetail at the tracks.
  • Weather: clear, 25° C (felt temperature)
  • Description of the CP: In the northern part of Italy, Province of Mantua in the region Lombardy. Farmland and industrial area. Squeezed between an industrial compound and a railroad track on a piece of wasteland.
  • Given Name: The Avoided Ditch Confluence

Story continues at 45°N 12°E.

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#1: The Confluence from 16m Distance
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#4: GPS Reading
#5: Ground Zero
#6: The Confluence Hunters
#7: The Railroad Track
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