the Degree Confluence Project

United Kingdom : England

1.2 km (0.7 miles) W of Umberleigh Bridge, Devon, England, United Kingdom
Approx. altitude: 36 m (118 ft)
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Antipode: 51°S 176°E

Accuracy: 1 m (3 ft)
Quality: good

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  51°N 4°W (visit #6)  

#1: Looking at the CP

(visited by Gordon Spence)

29-Jul-2012 -- 3,288 days, that's how long it has been since I was last here, sometimes tempus really does fugit doesn't it.

In that time I have completed England, Wales, Scotland, all bar one point in Ireland and numerous points in New York, California, Florida and Texas.

The last time I was here was in a September and the harvest had been gathered and the fields were bare. The first time the crops were in full bloom. I wasn't sure what I would find this time...

...I have an appointment not that far from here and I decide to allow the Sat-Nav to direct me in via the shortest route rather than the quickest route. If you have ever been to this part of the country then you will know how scenic it is, a lovely drive down.

I am swinging through the back lanes when I see a radar dome so I double back and park up in a lane. I climb a small mound of stones, the airfield appears to be grass, I can see no concrete or tarmac runways. Pretty big radar system but for what?

So pondering that I walk back to the car and continue on.

I see the row of cottages up ahead and know that the entrance to the confluence field is coming up on the left. Slow down and swing into the gateway - no gates here, but there is evidence that one used to be here a very long time ago.

The day is warm and sunny and I set off up the farm track towards the point. The field is in full crop - looks like oats, it isn't ripe for harvest yet but it won't be long. As I am walking along I can see in the next field up a farmer in his tractor cutting grass to make hay, as he is driving along I wave but he doesn't seem to see me.

I know that walking along the farm track (wide enough for a tractor) that you can get to exactly 51N and be close enough to have already successfully visited the point. But of course that isn't good enough, so I go to the end of the field and walk down along the tractor tracks until I reach the exact point.

I decide to wait for a while and allow the GPS to get a more accurate figure, the tractor goes back numerous times but the farmer still pays me no attention. Nearly 15 minutes later and we are down to less than 5 feet.

Having recorded the visit I go back to the farm track and as I wak back to the car I stop on 51N to take this East-South-West panorama. If you turn to the right you then get this South-West-North taking in the rolling hills in the distance. When you get back to the road the field opposite has a crop of corn.

I enjoy the sunshine and the scenery for another fifteen minutes or so then pack up my stuff and head off back home.

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