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Norway : Hedmark

20.0 km (12.4 miles) S of Kongsvinger, Hedmark, Norway
Approx. altitude: 336 m (1102 ft)
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Antipode: 60°S 168°W

Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: View south, yellow ribbon of trail visible #3: View west #4: View north #5: Leave the forest road here and turn right (north)! #6: Place where you should left the forest road and follow the trail a bit right of the centre #7: GPS

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  60°N 12°E (visit #8)  

#1: View east

(visited by Florian Schindler)

04-Jun-2017 -- When I woke up in my hut in Ed, Sweden (close to the CP 59°N 12°E which I visited yesterday) it rained cats and dogs. However I entered my car and drove north towards Norway. I crossed the border at Eda, left the main road no. 2, took the road no. 21 and left this road to enter an unpaved gravel road. After about 3 km I turned right (north) and entered the forest road named "Knattevegen", but very soon there was a barrier and a sign that driving on this road is prohibited. I parked my car at a nearby shelter, 2 km south of the Confluence Point.

It was still drizzling when I started my hike along the forest road. From the report of Rainer Mautz I knew that there is a trail, labelled with yellow tags, which leads to the point. At home I also had checked some maps and entered waypoints where I had to leave the forest road. However despite of all this knowledge and preparations I missed the point where to leave the road, presumably also due to the fact that the GPS accuracy was obviously bad.

I continued the forest road, crossed the 60°N latitude. Had a short rest at a shelter with stored machinery and turned east on a partly overgrown way which took me closer to the point. When the distance increased I stopped and checked my options: either return the way to try to find the correct path or walk cross country to the Point in 600 metres direct distance.

The latter was my choice and I bushwhacked through the scrubs, skirted young trees, climbed rocks, spotted moose droppings, crossed a creek, followed animal paths and nearly stepped into a flooded clearing. I honestly never knew that 600 metres could be such a huge distance and my trousers and jacked got soaked due to the wet vegetation and the pouring rain. Finally I was within the 100 metres tolerance limit and made it to the spot where my GPS showed all zeroes. Hooray!

While I took the required photos, I spotted a yellow ribbon, the marker Rainer mentioned in his report. I was really glad about these markers, because they made my way back much easier. I simply followed them, had to check from time to time, where the next was placed (and sometimes supplemented by red ones) and made it finally to the crossing at 59°59.68'N 11°59.98'E where I should have left the forest road. Back at the car after 1:45 hours - a time which is far from the optimum - I changed my soaked shoes and socks in the shelter.

With my car I continued my way to the north, still raining all the way. I checked in in a hotel in Elverum and changed the rest of my moist clothes. My plan was to visit 61°N 12°E, about 27 km north east of Elverum, the same day. Due to the fact that it was still miserable weather, I was not in the mood to attack this difficult point. However after a good meal I used the long daylight to scout an approach by car. After some aborted attempts on several forest ways I finally took the Gråbergsvegen until I reached some scattered huts at 61°01.36'N 11°56.41'E. The way continued, but from my point of view it was not feasible for my sedan car and not possible to hike the remaining 4.1 km direct distance today. My conclusion is that I either should have a more appropriate vehicle and drive closer to the point or dedicate a full day for the visit, park near the huts, and hike the rest.

I drove back to my hotel in Elverum and hoped that my planned visit of 62°N 12°E the next day would be easier!

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#1: View east
#2: View south, yellow ribbon of trail visible
#3: View west
#4: View north
#5: Leave the forest road here and turn right (north)!
#6: Place where you should left the forest road and follow the trail a bit right of the centre
#7: GPS
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