the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Maryland

4.6 miles (7.4 km) SE of Centreville, Queen Anne's, MD, USA
Approx. altitude: 21 m (68 ft)
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Antipode: 39°S 104°E

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: looking east #3: looking south with my father Marvin in the photo #4: looking west #5: GPS screen #6: yours truly (it was a windy day)

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  39°N 76°W (visit #2)  

#1: looking north

(visited by David Mower and Marvin Mower)

13-May-2002 -- Today was rather windy on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay. We were on a family outing. My daughter Allyson, the recent recipient of a Master of Arts degree from St. John's College in Annapolis, was the navigator. She guided us to a point very near to the town of Starr, Maryland, which may actually be closer to the point than Centreville. I was the driver. I approached the nearest farm house, got out and knocked. No one responded, even though the door was open and the radio was playing.

I returned to the closest approach by road and stopped. The point was in a field where crops at one time had been cultivated. However, no cultivation was taking place this season. Some type of grain was growing, but the plants were sparse and appeared to be "volunteers" -- sprouted from seeds left over from last year's harvest.

Five people stayed in the van while my father and I walked across the field. Those five were: my mother Elaine, my wife Diane and three of our daughters, Allyson, Angela and Brittany.

We reached the spot easily. We had time to do the confluence dance. It was a great day!

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#1: looking north
#2: looking east
#3: looking south with my father Marvin in the photo
#4: looking west
#5: GPS screen
#6: yours truly (it was a windy day)
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From Annapolis, MD, take US-50 east to exit 46 (across the William Preston Lane Jr Memorial Bridge). Take US-301 east for 8.5 miles, and take a right onto SR-304 east (away from Centreville). Go 1.4 miles and turn right onto an unnamed road. Go 1.24 miles until the road ends in a T at Little Eagle Rd. To get to the confluence, turn left and walk 280 feet on Little Eagle Rd. Then, leave the road and walk due south 800 feet (remember to adjust if you're using a magnetic compass). Another way to get to the confluence would be to go 1.26 miles past the unnamed road on SR 304, and turn right onto Greenville Rd. Go 0.73 miles and turn right onto Little Eagle Rd. The best way to determine the confluence point is still to walk from the intersection of the unnamed road and Little Eagle Rd.