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This page provides information for journalists who wish to do a story about the Degree Confluence Project, whether it is to appear in print (e.g. magazine, newspaper), be broadcast (e.g. radio, television), or is for electronic publication (e.g. website content).

Table of Contents

Information about the Degree Confluence Project

There is a wealth of information about the project available on our website. Please "have a look around" to familiarize yourself with the project before contacting us. In particular:

Contacting a coordinator, or confluence visitor

You can use the Contact Us page to send an email to the Regional Coordinator for your region, or for the region that contains a particular confluence you may be interested in. Please note that all the coordinators are volunteers, and may not be able to respond "right away". If you plan to do a story about the project it is best to allow a good lead time before your broadcast or publication deadline.

Some confluence visitors make their email address available on their Visitor page. Others provide a link to their homepage, which may provide a means of contacting them. If you wish to contact a visitor who doesn't make this information available on our website, a Regional Coordinator may be able to help try and contact them on your behalf(we will not disclose visitor's email addresses unless we get permission). This may take a while, and may not work, either because the visitor isn't interested, or because the email address we have for them is no longer valid.

How can I get permission to use pictures and stories from your website?

We have a webpage section that explains the copyrights. To use a photo from our website you will need to get the permission of the copyright holder, and that is the confluence visitor. One advantage of doing so is that they may have a higher-resolution version than the one available on our website.

Some notes regarding doing a story about the project