the Degree Confluence Project


near Øster Sømarken, Bornholm (Island), Bornholm, Denmark
Approx. altitude: 4 m (13 ft)
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Antipode: 55°S 165°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: View north #3: View east #4: View south #6: GPS #7: Peter visiting CP #8: Paving stones dumped to build new CP-WGS84 monument #9: CP-ED50 sign and signpost being removed

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  55°N 15°E (visit #6)  

#1: Overview from 30 m west of confluence

(visited by Henrik Sunden and Peter Wulff)

03-Oct-2005 -- My friend and former colleague Peter presently lives in Bornholm, the easternmost of the Danish islands and southeast of Scania, Sweden. We have done a lot of bicycling together, and I wanted to visit him to see Bornholm, cycle, and also to put my foot on another confluence point.

On October 3rd we started at 07:40 from Rønne and rode along tarmac covered cycle paths towards Dueodde on the southeast part of Bornholm. The CP was 22.5 km from Peter's home, as the crow flies, and maybe 30 km along the paths. The weather was warm and sunny and a light fog made the sunrays visible when we cycled in the woods. Extremely beautiful. The last few km we cycled along a narrow gravel road with military shooting grounds on both sides. I saw two roe deer at a distance of only 10 meters. The very last km was on asphalt road, and suddenly there was a windworn road sign telling "Geografisk knudepunkt". We rode along the small road a short distance, then there was a wooden sign with a cross and 55N 15E the text Geografisk knudepunkt again and an arrow pointing left. We were then about 130 m from the CP. There was a small path across a grass field, and there it was, just to the west of the path. A small wooden stick and a piece of broken concrete piping marked the place (with 1 meter difference compared to my Garmin GPS). When I was going to start taking pictures, a small tractor came and dumped some hundred paving stones just beside the wooden stick. I asked the tractor driver if he was going to build a monument at the place, and so he was.

The CP is rather close to the shore (maybe 150 m) and my GPS estimated the elevation to 9 m.

Peter had visited the area before and walked away about 100 m to the west, and wanted me to follow him, but I wasn't finished photographing yet. After some 5 - 6 minutes I walked the way Peter had gone and found him, the tractor and three other people waiting for me. The three men had dug up a sign post marking the ED50 (European Datum 1950) 55N 15E crossing, and were waiting for me to take a picture of the event. The sign post was to be moved to the WGS84 CP location. What a coincidence to arrive when the official sign was moved from the ED50 to WGS84 CP!

We continued to Dueodde and Neksø. Meanwhile the sun was partially eclipsed by the moon, but I couldn't see that before Neksø, because I didn't have a dark filter for sun-watching. But in Neksø the sun was temporarily covered by a thin cloud, so I easily could see about 10 percent of the sun covered by the moon.

From Neksø we continued to Svaneke. Both places are very beautiful and very Danish. Then we rode along cycle paths and (for short distances only) along roads. Saw more roe deer, several rough-legged buzzards, a hare. Arrived at McDonalds in Rønne at about 18:00 (6 p.m.) after about 90 km cycling.

Danmark er dejligt!

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#1: Overview from 30 m west of confluence
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#6: GPS
#7: Peter visiting CP
#8: Paving stones dumped to build new CP-WGS84 monument
#9: CP-ED50 sign and signpost being removed
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