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Germany : Niedersachsen

2.0 km (1.3 miles) SSW of Munster-Alvern, Niedersachsen, Germany
Approx. altitude: 86 m (282 ft)
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Antipode: 53°S 170°W

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: GPS data #3: northern view #4: eastern view #5: southern view #6: western view

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  53°N 10°E (visit #7)  

#1: Down there...

(visited by Ole Henseler)

03-Jan-2009 -- Together with my daughter on our way home from the Baltic Sea, I left highway no. 7 near Soltau to find the first of three confluences at that day. My daughter called me crazy to drive additional kilometers as we had to drive over 700 km anyway. But as I was the driver, she had no choice... :-)

We passed the confluence by car very closely, as it is located on a slope of the road. 300 m away, we found a parking space and walked back to the confluence but we chose the way through the forest. After some minutes, eight large wild boars crossed our way in a distance of 20 m. Thank God, they ran away and not towards us. My daughter was not sure if confluence hunting will become one of her favourite hobbies at that moment...

Without any further wildlife encounters we found the confluence and "danced" a while up and down the slope. After taking pictures we went back to the car to continue our trip to 52N-10E and 51N-10E.

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#1: Down there...
#2: GPS data
#3: northern view
#4: eastern view
#5: southern view
#6: western view
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