the Degree Confluence Project

United States : California

23.0 miles (37.0 km) NNE of Essex, San Bernardino, CA, USA
Approx. altitude: 860 m (2821 ft)
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Antipode: 35°S 65°E

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Looking north #3: Looking south #4: Looking west #5: All zeros #6: The moon over the desert

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  35°N 115°W (visit #4)  

#1: Looking East

(visited by Marshall Clow and David Kaplan)

28-Nov-2009 -- After bagging 35°N 119°W/118°W/117°W already today, Dave and I discussed what to do next, since it was only about 1:45 in the afternoon. We talked about attempting 116W, but that would involve an hour of driving and at least two hours of hiking, and the sun would be down before then. We decided on more driving, and less hiking, and set out down I-40 to Goffs.

Exiting the freeway at Goffs Rd, we drove into Goffs and turned left on Lanfair Rd. We took the dirt road that led straight to the confluence, leaving the road at 34° 55' 46.0N 115° 4' 16.5. This turned out to be a mistake, because the direct road heads across the washes, and you go up and down over and into them.

Better to go up to the power line road at 34° 57' 17.9N 115° 5' 5.1W and then turn on to the road that goes to the confluence at 34° 58' 2.1N 115° 1' 51.0W (which is what we did on the way back)

We drove until we were close, then parked the car and hustled the last 150 yards on foot, because the sun was just about down, and I've already had one confluence visit rejected because the pictures were too dark to see that we were already there.

After this, we drove back to San Diego, tired but happy, having covered 800 miles in 16 hours and reached four confluences.

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#1: Looking East
#2: Looking north
#3: Looking south
#4: Looking west
#5: All zeros
#6: The moon over the desert
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In the Mojave National Preserve.