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Pending confluence visits (default sort)

Submitted Visits: Visit submissions that members have entered and finalized.
Unless the status is verified or ready, the submitted information may not have
been reviewed by the Project coordinators and may be inaccurate or incomplete.
Location Region Country Name Submitted Visit date Success? Status? 
53°N 48°E Ul'yanovskaya oblast' Russia Alexander Zajtsev 15-Oct-19 06-Oct-19 yes pending 
46°N 41°E Krasnodarskiy kray Russia Gennady Sharov 04-Oct-19 29-Sep-19 yes pending 
53°N 45°E Penzenskaya oblast' Russia Andrey Parshukov 14-Sep-19 14-Sep-19 yes pending 
53°N 46°E Penzenskaya oblast' Russia Alexander Zajtsev 10-Sep-19 08-Sep-19 yes pending 
Total Submitted Visits: 4

Incomplete Submissions: Visit submissions that members have entered, but not finalized.
This section may or may not contain valid visits.
Some people start their submission before they have all the required
information, and therefore their submission may be incomplete for a while.
Location Region Country Name Submitted Visit date Success? Status? 
0° 64°W Amazonas Brazil Wolfgang Broeg 14-Oct-19 24-Sep-19 no submitting 
31°N 35°E  Israel Aleksandr Mashnikov 01-Oct-19 27-Sep-19 yes submitting 
46°N 91°W WI USA Joseph Kerski 29-Sep-19 28-Sep-19 yes submitting 
46°N 92°W WI USA Joseph Kerski 29-Sep-19 28-Sep-19 yes submitting 
50°N 78°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 10-Sep-19 06-Sep-19 yes submitting 
49°N 78°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 10-Sep-19 06-Sep-19 yes submitting 
50°N 79°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 08-Sep-19 06-Sep-19 yes submitting 
55°N 90°E Respublika Khakasiya Russia Y Gashchenko 02-Sep-19 31-Aug-19 yes submitting 
53°N 39°E Lipetskaya oblast' Russia Vladimir Chernorutsky 23-Aug-19 16-Aug-19 yes submitting 
53°N 38°E Lipetskaya oblast' Russia Vladimir Chernorutsky 23-Aug-19 16-Aug-19 yes submitting 
41°N 105°W WY USA Matt Webb 26-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 yes submitting 
58°N 79°E Tomskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 16-Jul-19 07-Mar-19 no submitting 
55°N 79°E Novosibirskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 16-Jul-19 03-Jun-19 yes submitting 
61°N 29°E Leningradskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 15-Jul-19 30-Jun-19 yes submitting 
60°N 34°E Leningradskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 15-Jul-19 28-Jun-19 yes submitting 
60°N 32°E Leningradskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 15-Jul-19 28-Jun-19 no submitting 
60°N 31°E Leningradskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 15-Jul-19 28-Jun-19 no submitting 
60°N 30°E Leningradskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 15-Jul-19 27-Jun-19 yes submitting 
58°N 84°E Tomskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 30-Mar-19 30-Mar-19 yes submitting 
37°N 127°E  South Korea Shawn Fleming 08-Oct-18 19-Sep-18 yes submitting 
42°N 44°E  Georgia John Dag Hutchison 24-Sep-18 24-Sep-18 yes submitting 
56°N 83°E Novosibirskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 21-Sep-18 21-Sep-18 yes submitting 
55°N 80°E Novosibirskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 19-Sep-18 18-Sep-18 yes submitting 
20°N 101°W Michoacán Mexico Jan Liska 18-Sep-18 29-Apr-18 yes submitting 
49°N 85°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 03-Sep-18 31-Aug-18 no submitting 
51°N 77°E Pavlodar Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 03-Sep-18 30-Aug-18 yes submitting 
51°N 76°E Pavlodar Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 03-Sep-18 30-Aug-18 yes submitting 
51°N 75°E Pavlodar Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 03-Sep-18 30-Aug-18 yes submitting 
47°N 115°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 28-Aug-18 yes submitting 
48°N 115°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 27-Aug-18 yes submitting 
48°N 114°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 27-Aug-18 yes submitting 
47°N 113°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 26-Aug-18 yes submitting 
46°N 113°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 26-Aug-18 yes submitting 
45°N 112°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 26-Aug-18 yes submitting 
45°N 113°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 26-Aug-18 no submitting 
46°N 114°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 25-Aug-18 yes submitting 
47°N 114°W MT USA Shawn Fleming 29-Aug-18 25-Aug-18 yes submitting 
46°N 81°E Almaty Kazakhstan Sabine F 11-Aug-18 28-Jul-18 yes submitting 
47°N 81°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Sabine F 11-Aug-18 26-Jul-18 yes submitting 
47°N 82°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Sabine F 11-Aug-18 26-Jul-18 yes submitting 
51°N 82°E Altayskiy kray Russia Sabine F 11-Aug-18 20-Jul-18 yes submitting 
52°N 83°E Altayskiy kray Russia Sabine F 11-Aug-18 19-Jul-18 yes submitting 
52°N 84°E Altayskiy kray Russia Sabine F 11-Aug-18 19-Jul-18 yes submitting 
52°N 85°E Altayskiy kray Russia Sabine F 11-Aug-18 19-Jul-18 yes submitting 
52°N 87°E Respublika Altay Russia Sabine F 11-Aug-18 14-Jul-18 yes submitting 
52°N 86°E Respublika Altay Russia Sabine F 11-Aug-18 14-Jul-18 yes submitting 
49°N 86°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 06-Aug-18 26-Jul-18 yes submitting 
49°N 84°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 06-Aug-18 24-Jul-18 yes submitting 
49°N 81°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 06-Aug-18 22-Jul-18 yes submitting 
49°N 80°E Shyghys Qazaqstan Kazakhstan Valera Parshukov 06-Aug-18 22-Jul-18 yes submitting 
80°S 120°W Longitude 180 to 91 West Antarctica Skip Raschke 23-Jul-18 23-Jul-18 yes submitting 
57°N 95°E Krasnoyarskiy kray Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 04-May-18 yes submitting 
51°N 106°E Respublika Buryatiya Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 03-May-18 yes submitting 
51°N 108°E Respublika Buryatiya Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 02-May-18 yes submitting 
53°N 117°E Chitinskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 01-May-18 yes submitting 
54°N 122°E Amurskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 01-May-18 yes submitting 
53°N 126°E Amurskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 30-Apr-18 yes submitting 
52°N 128°E Amurskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 30-Apr-18 yes submitting 
50°N 130°E Amurskaya oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 30-Apr-18 no submitting 
48°N 131°E Yevreyskaya avt. oblast' Russia Valera Parshukov 05-May-18 29-Apr-18 yes submitting 
52°N 71°E Aqmola Kazakhstan Alexey Weronkz 29-Dec-17  no submitting 
56°N 38°E Moskovskaya oblast' Russia Alexander Shishkin 27-Nov-16 04-Nov-16 yes submitting 
60°N 30°E Leningradskaya oblast' Russia Burkhard Landskron 26-Oct-16 30-Jul-16 yes submitting 
60°N 31°E Leningradskaya oblast' Russia Burkhard Landskron 26-Oct-16 27-Jul-16 no submitting 
51°N 0° England UK Gordon Spence 10-Aug-16 09-Aug-16 yes submitting 
52°N 34°E Sums'ka Oblast' Ukraine Valery Bezhevets 02-Jun-16  no submitting 
33°S 66°W San Luis Argentina Rodolfo Cabral 31-Jan-16 19-Jan-16 yes submitting 
Total Incomplete Submissions: 67

Visited but not submitted: Plans that members have entered.
The Plan indicates that they have made a visit,
but have not yet submitted their visit information to the site.
Location Region Country Name Start date End date 
46°N 81°E Almaty KazakhstanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
41°N 62°E Xorazm UzbekistanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
43°N 59°E Qoraqalpogʻiston UzbekistanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
44°N 59°E Qoraqalpogʻiston UzbekistanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
44°N 58°E Qoraqalpogʻiston UzbekistanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
44°N 57°E Qoraqalpogʻiston UzbekistanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
43°N 58°E Qoraqalpogʻiston UzbekistanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
45°N 58°E Qoraqalpogʻiston UzbekistanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
52°N 86°E Respublika Altay RussiaSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
52°N 87°E Respublika Altay RussiaSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
47°N 81°E Shyghys Qazaqstan KazakhstanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
47°N 82°E Shyghys Qazaqstan KazakhstanSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
51°N 82°E Altayskiy kray RussiaSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
52°N 83°E Altayskiy kray RussiaSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
52°N 84°E Altayskiy kray RussiaSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
52°N 85°E Altayskiy kray RussiaSabine F 12-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
42°N 59°E Daşoguz TurkmenistanSabine F 19-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
37°N 48°E Zanjān IranSabine F 22-Jul-19 30-Nov-19 
Total Visited but not submitted: 18