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United Kingdom : Wales

1.3 km (0.8 miles) S of Goodwick, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom
Approx. altitude: 23 m (75 ft)
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Antipode: 52°S 175°E

Accuracy: 8 m (26 ft)
Quality: good

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  52°N 5°W (visit #7) (secondary) 

#1: General

(visited by Gordon Spence)

27-Aug-2010 -- This completes my round of second time visits to the 52nd parallel started recently at 52N-02W. At that time I didn't have time to get beyond 52N-04W.

Today though I have time to spare, I live pretty much on 52N, so this is as far away from home that I can get going due West.

It is a fairly slow run down the coastal route, but the scenery is quite rewarding, an awful lot of hills though. The last couple of miles in particular are down some very steep inclines.

I was last here on 29th December 2003, since then an awful lot has changed, both here and in my personal life. Things move on.

I park up in Jacksons way having gone under the very low bridge, it's a railway bridge going down to the ferry terminal. By simply parking up I have completed the visit.

But we can do better than that can't we? Switch on the trusty GPSMap76Csx and go up the hill a bit to go into the lane that runs alongside the house where the CP is. It's blocked by a van, what's more the lane is gated and the plot above the CP is being cleared.

I wander back to the stone wall that borders the garden, noticing that a couple of locals are watching what I am doing but making no attempt to wander across and find out. I get to exactly 52N but am off by .004 West. I peer over the wall and see that the garden has been completely cleared. This is the same view seven years ago. Maybe it has new owners, when I was last here nearly seven years ago the owners were two quite old and frail ladies.

As I was leaving I drove round into the street that the house is on, unusually for the UK, the gate was posted. As I had previously been to the exact spot, I decided to leave it this time.

If you go past the entrance to Jacksons Lane then you could have a holiday at the Ferryboat Inn where you can get a room just 50 yards from the confluence point.

As I had a 275 mile drive home (straight line 186 miles) I set off back, stopping on the way out to look at the harbour. Used for lots of different things - cycling, dog walking and paddling. The tide was out and the ferry terminal was deserted. As I went up the hill I parked up and took a panorama of the general area - CP is in the left quarter of the picture.

To break the journey home I decided to give 52N-04W another visit.

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