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0.5 km (0.3 miles) E of Wilwerwiltz-Enscherange, Diekirch, Luxembourg
Approx. altitude: 392 m (1286 ft)
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Antipode: 50°S 174°W

Quality: good

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#2: View to the west from the confluence #3: View to the southeast #4: View to the east #5: Religious kiosk at the intersection nearby

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  50°N 6°E (visit #1)  

#1: Wilderwiltz to the south from the confluence

(visited by the mapsurfer)

11-Jun-2000 -- Was staying in Bastogne, Belgium, for the Belgian 3 Days orienteering event, and realized I was only about 25k from 50N 6E, which also happens to be the only confluence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, giving me the change to single-handedly complete a country :-)

Had a late afternoon start time for Saturday's orienteering event, so I cruised over towards the confluence after lunch. The roads got progressively narrower and more winding as they twisted their way through the beautiful green rolling hills and small towns of the Grand Duchy.

Ended up in the small town of Enscherlange, but the confluence was too far up a hill, and there was no good attack point from the town due to residences and thick vegetation on the hillside, and I was running out of time, so I gave up for today, figuring I would be better off coming back from the north later.

Came back the next day from the north but the narrow winding road I was using dropped me in the same place in Enscherlange as yesterday. This day I had more time and managed to find a different road leading out of town in basically the right direction. Ended up at this really cool 4 way intersection of one lane rural roads with this neat little religious kiosk in the middle of the intersection. Had a spectacular view of the rolling hills with another little town nestled amongst them. Seemed like a good attack point to me.

The confluence was up on a hill, and I had no trouble getting to it from this position. The view from the confluence was spectacular, to the little town of Wilderwiltz to the south nestled in the rolling green mountains, with rural countryside all around. The pictures didn't capture it as well as I would of liked, and the scan didn't help -- you really have to go to this magical place to experience. It's a 4 star confluence for sure.

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#1: Wilderwiltz to the south from the confluence
#2: View to the west from the confluence
#3: View to the southeast
#4: View to the east
#5: Religious kiosk at the intersection nearby
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Sabine F has visited this confluence and intends to submit it between the 20-May-2024 and the 30-Nov-2024. Comments: "18.5.24 Besenginster und Monument"