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United Kingdom : England

1.9 km (1.2 miles) S of Froxfield, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Approx. altitude: 124 m (406 ft)
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Antipode: 51°S 179°E

Quality: good

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#2: Going There #3: Site from West #4: Group Picture (Minus photographer) #5: GPS and Map

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  51°N 1°W (visit #1)  

#1: Tree next to confluence

(visited by Rupert Northcote-Green, Mrs. J. Northcote-Green and Mr. J. Northcote-Green)

30-Dec-2000 -- I had been introduced to www.conflunce.org by a co-worker of mine Henry Schmitt. As all of the confluences close to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had already been visited I decided that I would try to visit one in England while visiting my parents for Christmas. This worked out very well as it gave my father an excuse to buy a few more Ordinance Survey maps!

So a couple of days after Christmas day I went to the sales and bought a Magellan 310 handheld GPS and of course my father bought three maps. After looking at the Ordinance survey maps we found that the confluence was located just off the A3 near a small village called East Meon. So, on The 30th of December 2000 my parents and I decided to track down the confluence at 51degrees North and 1 degree west.

It was a bright and crisp winter day, with about one inch of snow. So all of the main roads were safe to travel on, but we were a bit worried about the small country lanes that we might encounter. We traveled about 30 minutes south down the A3 and took the exit to East Meon. Immediately we were stuck behind a farmer hauling hay bales. After about four miles he was able to pull over and let us by. The lane we were on was covered in snow and was lined with banks and tall hedges on either side. (See picture #2). We soon passed through the small village of East Meon which was a total of about 10 houses and found ourselves on another very icy snow covered lane, just the same as the first one pictured. About five minutes outside of East Meon I yelled stop we are here! So making a mental note of what the area looked like as we slid right by in an attempt to stop. We decided it would be safer to continue down the lane to find a good place to park. We were still able to see the site from the end of the lane where we parked as shown in picture #3.

So, Father managing the camera, we all walked back to the spot where we passed the confluence. The spot was not far from where we had parked so we were back there in a matter of minutes. We found that the spot was about 50 meters away from the road in a farmer's field on the other side of the tree that we photographed (#1). We felt due to the height of the embankment and the hedges that we would not try to stand on the exact spot. So my father photographed my mother and I at the tree, and also the GPS and map (#4 and #5). This done we headed back to the car (#6) we decided to head into West Meon to find a pub for a good warm pub lunch!

21-Feb-2004 -- Coordinator's Note: This is a commercial working farm, and has been well-documented. Since our visits interfere with operations, further visits are discouraged.

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#1: Tree next to confluence
#2: Going There
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#4: Group Picture (Minus photographer)
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