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Canada : Alberta (visit information)

Alberta map

Primary: 1 incomplete, 50 visited, 67 total.
Secondary: 16 visited, 33 total.

There are no Plans for this Region.
49°N 111°W
22.0 km (13.7 miles) E of Aden, AB, Canada
49°N 112°W
3.0 km (1.9 miles) W of Coutts, AB, Canada
49°N 113°W
4.3 km (2.7 miles) SSE of Whisky Gap, AB, Canada
49°N 114°W
8.8 km (5.5 miles) SW of Waterton Park, AB, Canada
50°N 111°W
14.0 km (8.7 miles) NNE of Whitla, AB, Canada
50°N 112°W
10.5 km (6.5 miles) SE of Vauxhall, AB, Canada
50°N 113°W
6.0 km (3.7 miles) E of Barons, AB, Canada
50°N 114°W
3.1 km (1.9 miles) N of Furman, AB, Canada
51°N 111°W
18.7 km (11.6 miles) N of Atlee, AB, Canada
51°N 112°W
14.5 km (9.0 miles) ENE of Gem, AB, Canada
51°N 113°W
12.4 km (7.7 miles) S of Standard, AB, Canada
51°N 114°W
1.2 km (0.7 miles) NE of Ogden, Calgary, AB, Canada
51°N 115°W
11.5 km (7.1 miles) SSE of Seebe, AB, Canada
52°N 111°W
8.0 km (5.0 miles) E of Veteran, AB, Canada
52°N 112°W
12.1 km (7.5 miles) NE of Endiang, AB, Canada
52°N 113°W
7.8 km (4.8 miles) NE of Perbeck, AB, Canada
52°N 114°W
3.9 km (2.4 miles) SW of Innisfail, AB, Canada
52°N 115°W
7.6 km (4.7 miles) W of Burnstick Lake, AB, Canada
52°N 116°W
39.0 km (24.2 miles) SE of Cline River, AB, Canada
52°N 117°W
17.9 km (11.1 miles) W of Saskatchewan River Crossing, AB, Canada
53°N 111°W
11.6 km (7.2 miles) SW of Auburndale, AB, Canada
53°N 112°W
18.5 km (11.5 miles) SW of Viking, AB, Canada
53°N 113°W
4.0 km (2.5 miles) E of Bittern Lake, AB, Canada
53°N 114°W
3.3 km (2.0 miles) NE of Crystal Springs, AB, Canada
53°N 115°W
8.6 km (5.3 miles) NNW of Alder Flats, AB, Canada
53°N 116°W
46.0 km (28.6 miles) E of Lovettville, AB, Canada
53°N 117°W
16.1 km (10.0 miles) SW of Sterco, AB, Canada
53°N 118°W
14.5 km (9.0 miles) NE of Jasper, AB, Canada
54°N 111°W
13.3 km (8.3 miles) NW of Elk Point, AB, Canada
54°N 112°W
6.4 km (4.0 miles) WNW of Hamlin, AB, Canada
54°N 113°W
3.2 km (2.0 miles) W of Dalmuir, AB, Canada
54°N 114°W
1.0 km (0.6 miles) N of Arvilla, AB, Canada
54°N 115°W
3.3 km (2.0 miles) NW of Roydale, AB, Canada
54°N 116°W
26.2 km (16.3 miles) SW of Whitecourt, AB, Canada
54°N 117°W
45.6 km (28.3 miles) SSW of Fox Creek, AB, Canada
54°N 118°W
74.8 km (46.5 miles) NNW of Entrance, AB, Canada
54°N 119°W
16.1 km (10.0 miles) NE of Grande Cache, AB, Canada
54°N 120°W
59.3 km (36.8 miles) WNW of Grande Cache, AB, Canada
55°N 111°W
41.1 km (25.5 miles) SE of Behan, AB, Canada
55°N 112°W
13.4 km (8.3 miles) NW of Owl River, AB, Canada
55°N 113°W
11.9 km (7.4 miles) SW of Calling River, AB, Canada
55°N 114°W
8.0 km (5.0 miles) SSE of Hondo, AB, Canada
55°N 115°W
34.4 km (21.4 miles) SW of Slave Lake, AB, Canada
55°N 116°W
40.0 km (24.8 miles) SSW of Driftpile, AB, Canada
55°N 117°W
19.4 km (12.0 miles) ESE of Valleyview, AB, Canada
55°N 118°W
20.2 km (12.5 miles) SW of Clarkson Valley, AB, Canada
55°N 119°W
19.6 km (12.2 miles) SSE of Wembley, AB, Canada
56°N 111°W
18.2 km (11.3 miles) NNW of Chard, AB, Canada
56°N 112°W
5.2 km (3.2 miles) NNE of Mariana Lake, AB, Canada
56°N 114°W
12.4 km (7.7 miles) NW of Wabasca-Desmarais, AB, Canada
56°N 115°W
41.2 km (25.6 miles) ENE of Atikameg, AB, Canada
56°N 117°W
1.7 km (1.1 miles) N of Reno, AB, Canada
56°N 118°W
10.0 km (6.2 miles) NE of Lothrop, AB, Canada
56°N 119°W
7.5 km (4.7 miles) N of Poplar Ridge, AB, Canada
56°N 120°W
5.5 km (3.4 miles) E of Doe River (BC), AB, Canada
57°N 111°W
38.2 km (23.7 miles) NE of Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
57°N 112°W
30.3 km (18.8 miles) SW of Fort McKay, AB, Canada
57°N 114°W
117.5 km (73.0 miles) N of Wabasca-Desmarais, AB, Canada
57°N 115°W
127.8 km (79.4 miles) NNE of Atikameg, AB, Canada
57°N 117°W
34.2 km (21.2 miles) ESE of Hotchkiss, AB, Canada
57°N 118°W
23.3 km (14.5 miles) W of Notikewin, AB, Canada
57°N 120°W
56.6 km (35.1 miles) NW of Clear Prairie, AB, Canada
58°N 111°W
20.2 km (12.5 miles) E of Point Brule, AB, Canada
58°N 112°W
38.1 km (23.7 miles) W of Berdinskies, AB, Canada
58°N 114°W
61.1 km (37.9 miles) SE of Fox Lake, AB, Canada
58°N 115°W
41.2 km (25.6 miles) SSW of Vermilion Chutes, AB, Canada
58°N 117°W
56.0 km (34.8 miles) ENE of Keg River, AB, Canada
58°N 118°W
25.1 km (15.6 miles) NNW of Keg River, AB, Canada
58°N 120°W
106.9 km (66.4 miles) ESE of Fontas (BC), AB, Canada
59°N 111°W
32.3 km (20.1 miles) NNE of Fort Chipewyan, AB, Canada
59°N 112°W
58.6 km (36.4 miles) NW of Fort Chipewyan, AB, Canada
59°N 114°W
66.8 km (41.5 miles) NE of Fox Lake, AB, Canada
59°N 115°W
57.1 km (35.5 miles) N of John d'Or Prairie, AB, Canada
59°N 117°W
43.3 km (26.9 miles) E of Meander River, AB, Canada
59°N 118°W
16.0 km (9.9 miles) WSW of Meander River, AB, Canada
59°N 119°W
26.9 km (16.7 miles) NW of Habay, AB, Canada
60°N 111°W
37.5 km (23.3 miles) NE of Fort Fitzgerald, AB, Canada
60°N 112°W
6.1 km (3.8 miles) W of Fort Smith (NT), AB, Canada
60°N 113°W
43.9 km (27.3 miles) WSW of Salt River (NT), AB, Canada
60°N 114°W
96.2 km (59.7 miles) SSE of Pine Point (NT), AB, Canada
60°N 115°W
92.3 km (57.3 miles) SE of Enterprise (NT), AB, Canada
60°N 117°W
15.0 km (9.3 miles) N of Indian Cabins, AB, Canada
60°N 118°W
55.8 km (34.7 miles) WNW of Indian Cabins, AB, Canada
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